Timothy E. Hall
Eclectic Finger-Style Guitarist

A native North Carolinian and resident of Huntersville, Timothy E. Hall has played the guitar since the age of 11. Performing live since the age of 16, Tim’s goal has been to be the most eclectic instrumentalist. His music spans several genres, from jazz to country to rock to a Gaelic-influenced sound. Always working on new material, Tim challenges himself to invent new instrumentals.

Over the past few years, Tim Hall’s body of work has been heard by over 2.5 million people. While he is not overtly religious, Tim considers his music faith-based. His lyric-free pieces are uplifting and joyful, embracing everyone.

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  1. Proud of ya bro!! Keep on doing what is that you do! I love it, as do MANY others. There is a spot in this world for originality…you are very capable of that. That is what makes you…Always have, always will!!!!!

  2. Tim is a very talented musician. He has a wide range of musical interests and is able to express them in his own unique way. He has great command of the guitar, which he uses to speak louder than words. My favorite song of his is called “Mingle Ditty.” I really like the way he plays blues on the acoustic. Keep rockin’ Tim!

  3. TIm your music makes me smile every time I hear you!! Very proud to say that I’m a friend of yours and look forward to seeing & hearing you play for a long time to come!!!

  4. There is an important offering for win. timothyehall.wordpress.com

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